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Simple yet powerful!

Prodroll was deliberately designed to be simple to get started quickly and yet provide you enough flexibility to adopt to your long term needs.

Get started in a minute

Signup. Add a few ideas. Publish the link on your website. Thats it!


Your customers are sent notifications automatically when the status changes. 


Organize ideas by tags. Filter ideas by tags so that you get to your favorite idea faster. 


Run polls. Let's users decide how they want a feature to be implemented. 

Import Ideas

Have a lot of ideas on a spreadsheet? You can migrate to prodroll yourself reach out to

Raise feature requests

Your customers or admins can submit new feature requests/bugs.

Private Board

What to run an ideathon with admins or discuss something within your team? Private board is for you!


Put your brand logo and brand color in front of your customers. Make prodroll your own!


Present a roadmap view to your customers so that they clearly know what features are coming next!

Multiple Boards

You want to create a board for your iOS app? and an andoid app? and desktop app? and of course your web app. No worried. Create as many board as your business need.


Your customers can upvote ideas. Prioritize ideas that have most upvotes.  


Your customer comments is a goldmine. Start discussion around an idea through comments. 

Export Everything

Your data belongs to you. Whenever you want you can download all your idea and poll data. 

Audit Changes

Track changes done everywhere. Know clearly who changed what at what date/time. 

Powerful Dashboard

Get a high level view of your feedback submissions, ideas leaderboard, and polls. 

Use Cases

Here are some ways for a B2B SaaS Product Manager to get the maximum out of ProdRoll.

Post Launch Feedback Collection

This is the bread and butter use case of ProdRoll.

The traditional ways of feedback collection through interviews or surveys have serious limitations in B2B SaaS feedback context. 

A dedicated tool like ProdRoll will change the product management culture to seek feedback 24x7.

The tool also encourages customers to give feedback as and when they think about a feature or face an issue.


Your product should get better every day WITH customer feedback.

Pre-launch Roadmap

If you are a startup founder or planning to startup in the future, you already know that it is wise to acquire your audience first.

One of the most popular ways of acquiring an audience is by creating a landing page, marketing it, and having people join a waiting list.

But instead of just telling your potential customers what are the 2-3 main features of your product, you could fill in the 20-30 core features that you are planning to implement and truly get feedback on what your potential customers truly care about.


Running a business hackathon over the weekend? or Your VP has asked you to come up with a list of potential solutions to a problem, ProdRoll has you covered.


Here is what you can do:

  1. Create a private board called say, "Ideathon" or "30 days to 3X website traffic"

  2. Invite your teammates as "collaborators". Admins and collaborators have access to private boards. Customers will not be able to see private boards.

  3. Admins and collaborators will select this board while submitting ideas.

Guide Cleanup

Dealing with a complex product? Customer can not find the "hidden" feature?

We've all been there. Sometimes your customers might request a feature that you already built.

If you are getting several requests or comments like this, its time to clean up your knowledge base and let your customers

Finally, know your customers better

The best of the best product managers know their customers very well. But one will become best after spending considerable time in the industry.

Insightful feedback in feature requests, issues, comments, and responses to polls will make the process of understanding customers easier even for new product managers.

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