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Idea collection and management tool

Innovations are born from ideas. And everybody has great ideas. Prodroll Idea Management Tool helps you organize your ideas in a simple interface. It allows you to create new ideas, add comments, and assign due dates for each idea.

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Why should you use a tool for Idea Management?

Not all ideas are created equal. Best idea collection tools should let you collect ideas easily from anyone and help you decide which idea makes most sense for your organization to develop.

Checkout Prodroll Features

Organize the idea collection process

Customize ProdRoll to suit your team and your organization. Setup your idea management system based on what works for you!

  • Create multiple idea boards like product ideas, marketing ideas, sales ideas etc. 

  • Customize the idea workflow statuses

  • Create tags for organizing ideas around a topic.


Collect ideas from your team members and customers

You can use the Prodroll Idea Management Tool to help you build your idea pipeline. This includes collecting ideas internally through private idea boards or collecting ideas from your customers.

  • Collect ideas from customers through dedicated portal, widget or API.

  • Create private idea board to collect ideas from internal users. 

Brainstorm on Ideas

Talk to users who submitted ideas for more information. 

  • Use comment to get more information on the ideas. 

  • Create a private board and put all the ideas and discuss over a meeting/ideathon. 

  • Powerful search and sort feature lets you see all relevant ideas in one place


Prioritize Ideas

Make ideas public. collaborate with others who share the passion for creating something new or making something better. 

  • Let users upvote ideas they like or problem that they also face. 

  • Eliminate duplication by making the ideas boards public.

  • Proxy vote: Vote on behalf of someone

Execution of Prioritized Ideas

You should follow up with every idea as soon as possible after you complete it. This gives you a chance to make sure you didn’t miss anything and to see if there were any questions or concerns you need to address before moving forward.

  • Set ETAs to prioritized ideas and sort based on ETAs. 

  • Share the status of prioritized ideas with a public roadmap.

  • Keep the users in the loop with status update emails.


Setup a culture of idea collection and innovation

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Customize as per your needs

ProdRoll comes with preset defaults. But change them based on what works for you!

Free 14 days Trial without Card

Get started with your email. Add your credit card only if you choose to use beyond trial period.

Get Started for Free


Everything you need to know about the idea collection and management process using prodroll. For questions about pricing, please see our pricing page.

Why do companies use idea collection tools?

Idea collection and management tools are used by organizations to imbibe innovation culture and to finally reap the benefits of innovations. Innovative companies realize that there is a gap between idea creators and decision makers. 

With idea management tools, organizations can standardize the process of idea collection, analysis, prioritization and implementation. 

How is ProdRoll typically used?

1. Signup on

2. Customize the innovation funnel and branding

3. Let customers and internal teams know how they can give ideas. 

4. Assign a team member/product manager to triage ideas the move the good ideas forward.

What kind of companies use idea collection and management tool?

Medium to large sized companies have to use some idea generation tool to keep the innovation engine going. 

For small companies idea generation tools can be used to open source idea collection process. Eg: A founder or a product manager can use an idea collection tool to get product ideas or to identify bugs early.

What is the most affordable idea management software out there?

Prodroll starts at $29 and license for 3 admins are included. Checkout out the pricing page for more details. 

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