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Start collecting feature requests for your SaaS 

Build only those features that your customers request. Run polls to understand how your customers really want your product. 

Adding features to your SaaS without customer feedback?

Product managers always love to hear customer feedback. But, it turns out they spend way too much time on surveys and interviews. We made it super easy for customers to share their thoughts anytime they want. 

This way PMs know what customers need and customers get meaningful features with every release. 


Why ProdRoll?

Prodroll can be customized to suit your brand and workflows.



Choose a color scheme that matches your brand. Add the Prodroll's link directly in your website. Prodroll's simple and elegant UI goes well with any design.



Create multiple boards - one for each product, customize feedback status or add as many tags as you want so that your product team makes the most of the feedback.


Ease of use

Know what to build through feature requests and upvotes. Run a poll to know how to build it. All through an easy to use interface. 

Built for SaaS Product Managers

Getting feedback on emails, customer support tickets, or calls is time consuming and messy. Not to mention things can slip through cracks.

Make your customers your partners in building the product. Build features that they actually need and save engineering cycles.


Let your customers know the status of their request so that they know when the feature will be worked on.

All feedback in one place

Make customers your partners

Be Transparent

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Ready for a 10x feedback?

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