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Product feedback collection and management tool

Did you know that a staggering 80% of features in SaaS products go unused? It's time to prioritize and build meaningful products that truly resonate with your users.

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Use cases

Innovation management

Innovation management

Prodroll can be used to collect ideas in brainstorming sessions. Most promising idea can be worked on and the stage of the idea can be tracked.

Track feature requests

Track feature requests

Prodroll helps you track feature requests from your customers. It allows customers to create new feature requests, engage with comments, upload screenshots, and upvote feature requests.



Prodroll can be used as general upvoting tool for any purpose. You can create a new upvoting board and share the link with your audience. Your audience can upvote the items they like.



Publicly share upcoming features that you are planning to implement in your product. Your customers will have a clear idea of what is coming up next.

Main features

Prodroll was deliberately designed to be simple to get started quickly and yet provide you enough flexibility to adopt to your long term needs.

Get started in a minute

Signup. Add a few ideas. Publish the link on your website. Thats it!


Users can vote on ideas. This helps you prioritize ideas.

Custom sub-domain

You can use your own sub-domain name for your Prodroll board.


You can add tags to ideas. This helps you categorize ideas.

Import ideas in bulk

You can import ideas in bulk using CSV file.

No coding required

You don't need to be a developer to use this. Just signup and start adding ideas.


Users can comment on ideas. This helps you get more context on ideas.


You can get notified when a new idea is added or when a new comment is added.

You own your data

You can export your data anytime you want.

Multiple boards

You can create multiple boards for different products or different use cases.

Customize to your needs

You can customize the look and feel or change logo, colors, etc. to match your brand.


You can create a roadmap to share upcoming features with your customers.

Private boards

You can create private boards and invite your team members to collaborate privately.

Audit changes

You can see who made what changes and when.

Powerful dashboard

You can see all the important metrics on the dashboard.

Takes less than 1 minute to set-up



Signup for a free account. No credit card required.

Copy the unique link

Copy the unique link

While signing up you can create a unique sub-domain for your organization.

Share the link

Share the link

Just put the link in your website or app and you are good to go.

Why should you use a product feedback management tool?

An end-to-end product feedback collection and management tool like ProdRoll has several benefits.

Saved engineering time

In most software projects, 80% of engineering time is not spent on features that customers really need or make current features better. Feedback collection and management tools make it easy for product managers to know what to build and build these features very well.

Better product decisions

It's likely that your customer profile is unique in comparison with your competitors'. So, if a product or feature does well for your competition, it may not necessarily do well for you. Get feedback directly from your customers to build features confidently and make your product better for your customers.

Better customer relationships

Customers love to be heard. When you listen to your customers and build features that they need, they feel valued and are more likely to stay with you for a long time.

One place for feedback

Tracking social media channels, combing through customer support tickets at the end of every week or tracking through emails for product feedback are time consuming and not to mention things can slip through cracks very easily. With ProdRoll, all your product feedback will be in one place.

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